Nail Art Bundle

The Nail Art Bundle contains:

1 GelMoment Creativity Set

1 Mini Jewels with applicator stick

4 Nail Art Decals or Styling Strips (choice)

2 Finger Chains (choice)

1 Nail Art Applicator Tweezers

1 Silicone Mat 

2 3D Embossing Gel (choice)

1 Glitz & Glam Top Coat (choice)

1 Matte'R Effect Top Coat

By purchasing this bundle, receive a FREE Beauty Case of your choice, and savings of $19.50.

  • $160.00

Creativity Set

Mini jewels

Nail Decals/Styling Strips

(4 choices remaining)

Moon Sparkles
Las Vegas Boulevard
Sun Glitter
Princess Tiara
Classic Stone
Funky Pirate
Lacey Flowers
24K Studs
Sterling Studs
Styling Strips - HELLOgraphic
Styling Strips - Silver Linings
Styling Strips - Laced in Gold

Finger chains

(2 choices remaining)

Finger Chains - Bowtie Bling
Finger Chains - Love Always
Finger Chains - Charmed
Finger Chains - Bedazzled
Finger Chains - Evening Dazzle
Finger Chains - Girl's Best Friend


Silicone Mat

3D Embossing Gel

(2 choices remaining)

3D Embossing Gel - Grey
3D Embossing Gel - Pink
3D Embossing Gel - Lavender
3D Embossing Gel - Yellow
3D Embossing Gel - Red
3D Embossing Gel - Black
3D Embossing Gel - White
3D Embossing Gel - Fuchsia
3D Embossing Gel - Blue

Matte'R Effect

Glitz & Glam

Beauty Case